What is preparation 500? #biodynamics

Cow horn manure preparation 500

What is it?

It’s fresh cow manure that has been placed in a cow horn and buried in the fall until being unearthed in the spring.

How is it used?

When it is sprayed, it bolsters the life of the soil and the roots of the plants.

It helps the earth to create humus, the colloidal layer of the soil composed of microorganisms that serve as the basis of the soil’s fertility.

When the horn is unearthed, the preparation has been completely transformed into an elastic, aromatic colloidal substance.

It is sprayed in the fall and in the spring after being dissolved in room-temperature water.

90 grams, dissolved into 30 liters of dynamized water, are enough to spray a hectare of vineyard.

It facilitates fertility and the formation of humus in the soil and stimulates plant growth through its effect on the roots of the plants.

Silvia Loschi

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