@volta_boulder, the newest entry in one of America’s leading food & wine cities

Above: as the owners of Volta write on their Facebook, “food is love made visual.”

In the minds of many U.S.-based food and wine professionals, Boulder, Colorado is one of the nation’s leading food meccas and one of its epicenters for gastronomy.

Outside of Las Vegas, this easy-going, green-leaning university town has more Master Sommeliers per capita than any other U.S. city. And the concentration of fine dining restaurants is arguably higher than anywhere else in the country.

Late last year, Boulder food scene veterans Jon and Eleni Deering launched Volta, a Mediterranean restaurant inspired in part by Eleni’s Greek origins.

As their press page reveals, the restaurant has been a huge hit, even in a town where restaurant-goers are spoiled by a wealth of great options.

Perusing Jon’s superb list, it’s clear that he has a penchant for thoughtful wines that have been raised free of chemicals.

We proud to share the news that the Pievalta sparkling Veridcchio, Perlugo, is included.

And we can’t recommend the restaurant highly enough.

2480 Canyon Blvd
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 938-8800
Google map

Image via the Volta Facebook.

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