Top 7 Best Fireproof Money Safes – Review & Buyer’s Guide

You can agree with me that indeed nothing sends chills down like the thought of fire incident. Do you know that a fire can destroy everything you have worked for many years? After working hard for many years, the next step is protecting your assets. If you don’t trust your banks with all your cash or you own some essential items that transcend monetary value in your eyes, you need somewhere to stash them.

Fire is the only significant incident that can irradiate all your valuable personal items. In case of a fire incident, you would want to have your valuable items and hard-earned cash so that you can rebuild with great ease. In this article, we will discuss the safest and the most valuable fireproof safes where you can keep your cash. We took our time to research the best fireproof money safes. With that in mind, you can purchase the following safes with high confidence and start protecting your valuables today. Without further ado, let’s take a look at these fireproof safes. Learn more about a safe place to put a safe in your home.

Review of the Best Fireproof Money Safes

#1 Sentry safe fireproof safe for protecting money and valuables

This fireproof safe boasts of state of the art features that you might not have been imagining any fireproof safe could have. This weighted cube has been manufactured with high-quality steel. In addition, it has been designed with lots of space and an internal locking drawer. You can store all your relevant documents and smaller valuables. The spacious fireproof safe allows you to keep everything nice and organized. Away from that, the manufacturer has included a fantastic digital keypad. Usually, this digital keypad takes longer than it should be to change or update your existing keypad combination.

It is good to know that the digital keypad can only function on high-quality alkaline batteries. In case you own low-quality alkaline batteries, it will drain through them. The main role of the backup keys, in this case, is to help you when you can’t remember the combination. The backup keys will help you activate the pillar locks while at the same time unleashing your unharmed goods. In addition, this fireproof safe has been gaining a lot of popularity for the last couple of years only because it has high-temperature resistance. You might be aware that most firefighters manage to extinguish fire within 20 minutes.

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#2 First Alert safe

Have you been looking for a lightweight fireproof safe that can rest on your floor? This is the perfect fireproof safe in that case. First Alert safe is well known to withstand high temperatures. Besides being fireproof, this safe is waterproof. This means that it will protect your money against what firefighters use when putting out a house fire. Be guaranteed that your money will always be safe and sound when you purchase this fireproof safe. It is quite easy to keep this safe in an easy to reach spot with protection and portability. In addition, you will have avoided the clichés of where most people hide their safes.

Moreover, First Alert is affordable protection though it is recommendable to keep a small dehumidifier pad in the interior. Alternatively, you can consider grabbing them as add on items since they ensure humidity and moisture does not penetrate.

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#3 Sentry Safe fire chest

This fireproof safe has its space locked down and for a good reason. This model has emerged as the best product when it comes to fire protection. Typically, the highly regarded fireproof safe features a key lock and latch system. You can pick the lock with a nail file. It is good to know that this fireproof safe will provide protection for thirty minutes of temperatures. This is an affordable fireproof safe if you aim to protect money from fire.

In addition, it has been manufactured with several internal straps. These straps allow the user to press small belongings to the interior. After storing your hard-earned cash, you can fit some hard drives and documents in the remaining space. In terms of weight, this fireproof safe weigh about twenty pounds. Moreover, the manufacturer has made an easy to carry handle. Even with this feature, this safe can withstand flooding for an extended period of time. Keep in mind that when the house fire clears, this safe will keep your important files protected.

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#4 Serena life fireproof safe

This is the perfect model if you have been blended with the other fireproof reliable URL ratings. This fireproof safe has been designed to work both as a wall secure and floor safe. The pre-drilled holes to mount the fireproof safe has been included to mount it wherever you see fit. Unlike most fireproof safes for money in the market, the handles in this fireproof safe are made with plastic material. You have multiple options to unlock your safe such as a digital keypad, manual key system, and finger scanner.

The first two options in that case will draw a lot of power. That’s the main reason why you will get a LED indicator to warn you before the battery fails. You can attest that nobody would want to get locked out more so if the key is misplaced. Lastly, this fireproof safe features a dual bolt lock. That’s why it is highly considered as an excellent choice when it comes to protecting your valuables against burglary.

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#5 Sentry safe SFW205 with dial combination

This fireproof safe bumps it up a bit. In addition, it can be cemented into the floor. This improves security and increases theft protection. Away from that, this fireproof safe has proved that it can work on extremely high temperatures of more than 1,700 F. Besides that, the top fireproof safe has been certified by ETL. This means that it can rest in 8 inches of water for more than 24 hours before any water droplet seeps in.

Moreover, this fireproof has been fitted with six life locking bolts. Keep in mind that nothing will get through this fireproof safe. Last but not least, this fireproof safe features a dial. The dial is detached in the box. However, this fireproof safe does not come without any downside. It is not exactly comforting when it comes to security. Be guaranteed that this fireproof safe will protect your belongings if you are grabbing it solely for fire protection.

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#6 Sure seal by fire king SS104 fireproof safe

Have you been looking for an upgraded internal space? This fireproof space has got you covered. This is the right time to keep your hard-earned cash in this fireproof safe without any worry. The highly regarded fireproof safe has been designed with a fireproof resistance and waterproof interior. This means that you will have sure protection for your money. Although it is waterproof, it prevents water from seeping in with limitations. It has been manufactured to keep liquid from seeping in for two hours.

On top of that, this fireproof safe can float in flood. You can agree with me that that’s a unique feature that is quite hard to find in many fireproof safes. The best thing about this product is that you are provided with a seven-year warranty. Therefore, you don’t have to worry when you run into issues. People prefer purchasing this fireproof safe simply because the manufacturer offers a lifetime replacement guarantee. They will serve you only once, and you will have your fireproof safe brand for life.

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#7 First alert 2011 fire chest safe

The manufacturer is well known for providing a lifetime replacement guarantee. You will ultimately be covered if your safe is in the fire. They will send you a new one as soon as possible. With that in mind, this is not the fireproof safe you should grab to keep away notorious thieves. Besides being a portable safe, this fireproof safe is straightforward to pick.

This brand cab survives at a high temperature of more than 1,550 F. This level is fairly standard for this brand. It is the ideal choice if you have lots of cash. In addition, you will be covered by an additional warranty in case you encounter any standard issues in the first five years. The warranty only covers factory defects from the manufacturer.

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Final thoughts

There are several crucial factors you should always consider when purchasing the best fireproof safes for the money. You should go for a high-quality fireproof safe that is worth the investment. Quality is all about construction, protection, and the entire purpose of getting a fireproof safe. In addition, the fireproof safe brand is an essential factor that you should never forget. The brand is how warranty and lock-out information will be handled. It is also going to forebear on the price. All in all, we hope that you will find this review helpful as you find the best fireproof safes for the money. If you have any questions concerning any of the above products, feel free to contact as.

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