Barone Pizzini general manager Silvano Brescianini was born in 1967 in Erbusco (province of Brescia), in the heart of Franciacorta.

Silvano’s grandfather was a local farmer and winemaker and he produced wine in Erbusco long before Franciacorta was recognized as one of the world’s leading appellations for classic method sparkling wines.

After completing the prestigious FISAR sommelier program (administered by the Italian Federation of Sommeliers, Hoteliers, and Restaurateurs) in 1982, Silvano completed his studies in hotel and restaurant management at the Hotelier School in Iseo the following year.

He had already worked in the restaurant industry for many years when he landed his first job at a Michelin-starred restaurant, Ezio Santin’s Antica Osteria del Ponte in Cassinetta di Lugagnano (province of Milan), one of only four restaurants in Italy to hold a Michelin star at that time. It was there that Silvano first discovered “the world of great wine.”

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