Franciacorta Consortium has a new blog

We published the first post here on the Barone Pizzini blog on the day after Christmas, 2012.

We’re now into our third year of active blogging and social media engagement.

Over the last ten years or so, social media and blogging have become an integral part of life on this planet. From Facebook to Twitter to whatever blogging platform you prefer, social media users and consumers in general expect to interact with their favorite brands.

That’s just one of the reasons it’s so important for wine trade members to actively “curate” their virtual media presence and to engage with their end users.

The Franciacorta consortium has been blogging for some time now.

And most recently, it has launched a new blog geared for the current generation of American wine professionals: Franciacorta, the Real Story.

The last five years have seen an explosion of wine education among young American sommeliers. The movie “Somm” (released in 2012 by Samuel Goldwyn) is a great example of this new ambitious and exuberant wine movement.

The new blog is for them: it focuses on geography, topography, winemaking methods, cultural context, and enogastronomy — all the elements that make Franciacorta so wonderfully unique in the panorama of sparkling wine today.

The blog will also feature a series of “round table” tastings to be held across the U.S. in coming months.


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