We just had to share these photos from our extraordinary dinner a few weeks ago at Caracol in Houston, a new restaurant by award-winning chef Hugo Ortega that features “coastal” cooking from Mexico.

Leading Houston sommelier Sean Beck, the restaurant’s wine director, ordered for us and didn’t miss a beat.

Sean told us that the tlacoyo has quickly become one of the restaurant’s signature dishes. It’s a fried masa (corn meal) pancake stuffed with chickpeas.

The Chilpachole de Jaiba: blue crab soup, masa dumplings, puya chile. The blue crabs are cooked whole in the soup and their shells are tender and rich in flavor. Another stunning dish.

Coctel de Pulpo Almendrado: Spanish octopus, almond, caper, green olive.

Whole roast Gulf of Mexico red snapper…

Caracol is one of those restaurants that surprises and thrills you at every turn and the cooking is as wholesome as it is authentic.

I can’t recommend it highly enough. It may very well be the best restaurant in Texas right now.

—Jeremy Parzen
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