Darrell Corti on Franciacorta geography

The latest installment in our continuing series of posts featuring “Darrell Corti on Franciacorta.”

Above: The Lago d’Iseo, Lake Iseo.

The area is not large. It is well circumscribed since the geological features of the area are physical boundaries which have distinguishing features. All good viticultural areas have the characteristics in common.

To the north of Franciacorta is the Lago d’Iseo, an alpine lake of some 24 square miles in size, holding Monte Lago, Europe’s largest lake island.

The southern end is bordered by Monte Orfano, a brooding block of terrain left by glacial erosion which produced the area.

To the east and west are the lateral boundaries of Ponte Alto and the Oglio River exiting from the Lago d’Iseo on the west and the massif of Monte Faeto to the east.

Jutting out from the plain as it does, this land mass seems to presage its name, since “orfano” in Italian means “orphan”, and orphan-like it appears with no other land mass around it.

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