And congratulations also to Barone Pizzini’s CEO Silvano Brescianini who will serve as the consortium’s vice president…

The following press release was issued by the Franciacorta Consortium today.

Consorzio Franciacorta’s General Assembly appoints new President and Board



Vittorio Moretti (above) is the new President of Consorzio Franciacorta. The owner of Bellavista and Contadi Castaldi takes over from Maurizio Zanella of Ca’ del Bosco, who has led the Consorzio for the past seven years.

The Management Board was also changed and Silvano Brescianini, Barone Pizzini, has been appointed Vice President of Consorzio. The Directors are representative of the different types of players operating in Franciacorta, demonstrating once again cohesion and a willingness to engage all the members.

Maurizio Zanella greeted the members in attendance of the General Assembly: “I’m just talking about the past almost seven years here, that is my term of office, but I’d like to go back in time to twenty-five years ago, when the Consorzio was created. Back then, Franciacorta was largely unknown. It was the Cinderella of Metodo Classico, with approximately two million bottles sold. Thanks to our commitment, today, all that has changed, and Franciacorta is by far the leading Italian sparkling wine. I said “our commitment”, but it would be better to say “your commitment”, as I had the honor of chairing the Consortium, but above all of being welcomed in and made to feel part of this extraordinary land and community, a community that accepted me as member and prompted me to share with all of you the commitment and passion which I have spent in favor of our Wine and our Land,” Zanella went on to say. “We have come to the end of 2015 and of my two terms of office at the head of Consorzio Franciacorta, extended because of Expo 2015, the latest challenge we’ve faced together. So I wish to warmly thank you all for the honor and trust you have placed in me, while remembering that this has meant that I was duty-bound to do my very best.”

Maurizio Zanella leaves behind his legacy, an organization he brought to new heights, with major progress in product quality and in the success of the Franciacorta brand, which now stands for quality wine, representative of its land of origin.

The work done so far to promote the Franciacorta brand is confirmed by the financial resources it absorbed; in 2015, approximately 86% of our revenues went into brand promotion. Nowadays, Franciacorta wine has received recognition in Italy and abroad, first and foremost by the market. “Our efforts have been rewarded”, says Maurizio Zanella. While, in 2009, 9 million State seals were distributed by the Consortium – not necessarily translating into equivalent sales – by the end of 2015, 16 million bottles will have been sold. “The figures speak plainly, and we owe that to all your individual efforts,” Zanella stated.

In the past few years, the Consortium also developed as an institution: there are now more bottlers (100 in 2009, 113 in 2015) and growers (88 in 2009, 98 in 2015) among its members.

Seriousness and authoritativeness are the hallmarks of the work carried out by the Consorzio. And they will continue to be as we address the Italian and foreign markets with ever-enhanced competences.

While exports are not a large share of our current sales, they are posting double-digit growth. In the last four years, they have increased by 44.7% in value: our key markets in Europe are Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and the UK. Non-EU leaders are the US and Japan.

Maurizio Zanella said in conclusion: “Although my term as a President of this Consorzio ends today, for the wines and region of Franciacorta – I am sure – the journey has just begun. Thanks also to the contributions of our younger members, we will be propelled forward, and achieve new, significant results that will be surprising even to us.”

“My term of office will mark a continuity with what Maurizio Zanella has achieved in the last seven years”, said the new President, Vittorio Moretti. “With him, and with all the Directors whom I take an opportunity to personally thank, we set out on a journey that strengthened and added more appeal to our part of the country. I will continue in his footsteps: on one hand, we’ll increasingly develop vinicultural and oenological knowledge, with a special focus on the environment and the landscape, while on the other we’ll communicate globally the intangible values [i.e. the lifestyle] associated with this great product, which has made “lifestyle based on excellence” its most powerful message.”

President Moretti continued: “There’s one short sentence that sums up my thoughts and perhaps my mission too: “Doing everything I can – because I am an entrepreneur, and entrepreneurs love challenges – so that all the world will say that we in Franciacorta are all on the same page.” “The core of my mandate today comes down to three values which have always characterized my entrepreneurial culture – and that of others like me – as well as my convictions about life and what makes it worthwhile, enjoyable and meaningful. Three very simple values: TRUTH, JUSTICE AND BEAUTY.”

Consorzio Franciacorta is the body that guarantees and controls compliance with the production requirements for Franciacorta, the first Italian wine produced exclusively through bottle fermentation to have obtained – in 1995 – the DOCG [Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin] label. The consorzio is active in several areas: from the promotion of the brand and the local area to adding value to the product through ongoing work on the production requirements and informing consumers, including the promotion of Franciacorta as the expression of a land, a wine and a production method. Founded on 5 March, 1990, its headquarters are in Erbusco, in the heart of Franciacorta. The Consortium’s President is Vittorio Moretti and its members include 113 wineries.

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