Véraison nearly complete in Franciacorta

Above: Pinot Nero grapes in Barone Pizzini’s Polzina vineyard. Photo taken today, August 7, 2013. See the wider shot of the vineyard, also taken today, below. From the Franciacorta Consortium bulletin this week: “Véraison is still not complete. Ripening is still just beginning and the sugar levels are still low while the acidity is high. … Read more

@volta_boulder, the newest entry in one of America’s leading food & wine cities

Above: as the owners of Volta write on their Facebook, “food is love made visual.” In the minds of many U.S.-based food and wine professionals, Boulder, Colorado is one of the nation’s leading food meccas and one of its epicenters for gastronomy. Outside of Las Vegas, this easy-going, green-leaning university town has more Master Sommeliers … Read more

Healthy Verdicchio grapes in Castelli di Jesi

  In the image above, you can see how the Verdicchio berries are completing their growth. In a few weeks, the warm summer weather will prompt veraison (the onset of ripening) in a few weeks. Some bunches show signs of millerandage, in other words, variation in berry size. This is due to a cold and … Read more