Franciacorta harvest has begun

A note from Pievalta winery manager Silvia Loschi: Here’s a photo [above] of Verdicchio grapes taken today in our Moie vineyard. We’ve been preparing for the 2013 harvest this week. We started by checking and cleaning the press, tanks, and pumps. On Friday morning at 7:30 a.m., we began sampling berries in the Moie and … Read more

Ripening has begun

A note, just in, from Barone Pizzini manager Marta Piovani: Ripening has now begun in the vineyards. What does this mean? Ripening indicates a series of metabolic processes that cause a gradual accumulation of sugars in each berry. At the same time, these processes reduce the organic acids in the berries. It’s also a period when … Read more

Véraison nearly complete in Franciacorta

Above: Pinot Nero grapes in Barone Pizzini’s Polzina vineyard. Photo taken today, August 7, 2013. See the wider shot of the vineyard, also taken today, below. From the Franciacorta Consortium bulletin this week: “Véraison is still not complete. Ripening is still just beginning and the sugar levels are still low while the acidity is high. … Read more

Pinot Noir harvest has begun in Franciacorta

Barone Pizzini manager Silvano Brescianini (vice president of the Franciacorta consortium) sent these photos today. The panorama shot is a great example of Franciacorta’s unique topography: note the morainic hills (glacial debris) that violently shoot up from the landscape. And note also the cloud cover, created in part by the maritime influence of Lake Iseo: … Read more

Healthy Verdicchio grapes in Castelli di Jesi

  In the image above, you can see how the Verdicchio berries are completing their growth. In a few weeks, the warm summer weather will prompt veraison (the onset of ripening) in a few weeks. Some bunches show signs of millerandage, in other words, variation in berry size. This is due to a cold and … Read more

Franciacorta harvest has begun

A note from Barone Pizzini manager and Franciacorta Consortium vice president Silvano Brescianini: This year, in terms of the number of grape bunches and their average weight, yields won’t be high due to the sharp drop in nighttime temperatures during the delicate phase of flowering. For the 2,800 hectares authorized for the production of Franciacorta, … Read more