Green manure (silly plowing) at Barone Pizzini

A note from the Barone Pizzini agronomist Pierluigi Donna: Barone Pizzini borrows certain techniques from biodynamics, like that of increasing the organic substance in the soil by planting legumes that thrive between the rows. The plants enrich the soil with natural nitrogen without the use of fertilizers. Using this “green manure” practice, we till the … Read more

An interview with BP vineyard manager Pierluigi Donna

Barone Pizzini vineyard manager Pierluigi Donna was born and raised in the heart of Franciacorta and has worked with the winery group since 1998. He recently took time out from his work in the vineyards to chat (electronically) with blogmaster Jeremy Parzen. Jeremy Parzen (JP): Barone Pizzini is not a biodynamic estate. But you often … Read more

Healthy Verdicchio grapes in Castelli di Jesi

  In the image above, you can see how the Verdicchio berries are completing their growth. In a few weeks, the warm summer weather will prompt veraison (the onset of ripening) in a few weeks. Some bunches show signs of millerandage, in other words, variation in berry size. This is due to a cold and … Read more

Vini di Vignaioli: the organic & biodynamic grape growers fair in Parma

Above: The logo of the Vini di Vignaioli (Grape Grower Wines) fair gets straight to the point. Human + Grape Bunch = Wine. Week before last, the Pievalta winery poured its wines at the Vini di Vignaioli fair held outside of Parma. Vini di Vignaioli means “grape grower wines” and the concept behind the event … Read more

Pievalta: a profile of Castelli di Jesi’s first biodynamic grape grower

Above: Pievalta grape growers and winemakers, husband and wife, Alessandro Fenino and Silvia Loschi (image via Pievalta: Biodynamic Pioneers in the Heart of Marches Wine Country “Biodynamic viticulture” denotes bringing life into the vineyards by helping the vines to re-activate the forces that allow them to interact with the sky and earth. At Pievalta, … Read more