Carbon Calculator results for 2010 and comparison

Last month, we announced Barone Pizzini’s participation in the Italian Wine Carbon Calculator program.

The following figures are the official results of the survey for 2009 and 2010.

These comforting figures demonstrate that awareness of one’s our emissions allows us design a more virtuous process that helps winery in the short term and betters the environment in the long term.

Our commitment to the program has become a way of life for everybody who works at the winery. After the 1998 organic conversion of the estate, they were all accustomed to this type of challenge.

Total Capture (Metric Tonnes of CO2) from estate-owned vineyards
including the entire supply chain

2009: 817.185
2010: 820.305

Total Emissions (Tons of CO2)
reduced through application of solar energy and geothermics

2009: 435.205
2010: 433.202

Kilograms of CO2 Captured per Bottle Sold
increase of 14%

2009: -1.108
2010: -1.149

Water Consumed per Bottle Sold
(in liters/bottle)

2009: 10.13
2010: 8.104

net kW acquired

2009: 221,812
2010: 199,483

Total Energy Consumption
(in equivalent kg crude oil)

2009: 78,972
2010: 78,424

kW Employed per Bottle Sold

2009: 0.643
2010: 0.592

Diesel Consumption per Hectare
(limited to the winery)

2009: 321.610
2010: 300.992

Emissions in Tonnes of CO2 per Wine Product

2009: 17.41
2010: 15.19

Recovery in Tonnes of CO2 per Recycled Waste

2009: -5.47
2010: -6.77

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