The New York food and wine scene never sleeps.

Even in the toughest of times, the resilient community there continues to grow and expand.

We were thrilled to learn that Barone Pizzini Franciacorta is served at Almadira, a brand new “wine and food studio” in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, where the sommelier’s list is “made to quench your thirst” (LOVE that line, btw).

Almadira is so new that it’s not even on Google+ yet!

But it does have some stellar Yelp reviews by Prospect Heights and Crown Heights residents who seem entirely geeked by this new and super groovy wine list in their neighborhood.

“Finally,” writes one Yelper, “a great wine bar in the area. Great selections of italian wines and nice food menu. The place is super cozy and perfect for a date.”

637 Washington Ave
Crown Heights, NY 11238
b/t Dean St & St Marks Ave in Crown Heights, Prospect Heights
[email protected]

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