Above: on Wednesday, Barone Pizzini manager Silvano Brescianini addressed a group of Houston’s leading wine professionals at the Houston Sommelier Association (photo by top Houston wine blogger Amy Gross).

Barone Pizzini manager Silvano Brescianini took time out from his Gambero Rosso Tre Bicchieri tour of the U.S. to spend a day in Houston, Texas, this week.

The highlight of his visit was the seminar and tasting he led at the Houston Sommelier Association, a group that offers weekly seminars and tastings to its members as well as anyone else who would like to attend the gatherings (free of charge).

As he walked them through Franciacorta’s different subsoil types and unique climatic conditions, Silvano was impressed by the members’ and other attendees’ professionalism and keen interest in the appellation and the wines.

But its was their collegiality and their sense of shared mission that really struck him as unique.

After the tasting, each participant — and there were roughly 30 people in attendance — worked to reset the room at Camerata (the popular wine bar where the events are held) and clean the 60+ glasses used for the tasting. It took the group about 10 minutes to turn the room around.

Houston is quickly becoming one of the A-list destinations for wine in the U.S. today and it’s not hard to understand why: the wine community there has the passion, drive, wine knowledge, talent and camaraderie that any major city needs to become a leader in fine wine.

Thank you again, Houston, Camerata, and the Houston Sommelier Association for your interest in Franciacorta and Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi!

We’ll post some dining highlights early next week. Stay tuned!




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