Above: Wine writer and Italian wine industry veteran Alfonso Cevola has had Franciacorta on his mind. Alfonso was the winner of the Vinitaly International Prize for 2013.

Barone Pizzini general manager and Franciacorta Consortium vice president Silvano Brescianini has asked the blogmaster to share the following post with readers of the Barone Pizzini-Pievalta blog: “Franciacorta vs. the World“, by Italian wine writer and industry veteran Alfonso Cevola aka @ItalianWineGuy.

In it, Alfonso writes:

Franciacorta, ah Franciacorta. If you were to ask most Americans they wouldn’t be able to tell you what it was, let alone where it came from. Perhaps in Denmark or Singapore the educated masses there know better how to distinguish this sparkling wine in a bottle, but most of the world is still painfully ignorant…
Franciacorta is like the tall gangly middle child, nestled between her older sibling Champagne and the cute youngest child, Prosecco. While the eldest has had more experience and is wiser to the ways of the world, and the baby is cute and cuddly, Franciacorta’s beauty often goes unnoticed.

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