Wine Additives? No, Thanks! Discover Pievalta Winery’s Biodynamic Viticulture

Many winemakers use chemical additives to create a more complex structure to their wines. When done correctly, the results can be excellent. But there is another way. The Pievalta winery uses biodynamic viticulture that its founder, Alessandro Fenino, adopted from his experiences as an organic farmer.

Working exclusively with natural preparations including organic and vegetal compounds, Fenino says that he is able to encourage the growth of a fertile humus that will help revitalize plant growth. He does this by changing the way that he treats the soil, tilling between every other row and then ploughing it at the end of the harvest season. The rows are then planted with legumes that are worked back into the earth in the spring as a cover crop. Using “horn manure”, the humus is formed, which gives fertility to the soil using microorganisms. The vineyards are also sprayed with horn silica, and only copper and sulfur are used to protect vines from disease.

The result of Pievalta’s efforts is a certification by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture that the wines are free of pesticides, fungicides and insecticides. There are many ways to grow wine, and this return to the earth and soil is a special way to celebrate the particular flavors of the Verdicchio grapes.

Credits: Wine Folly

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