Wine Folly Explains Wine Certifications


We, as wine lovers, have an opportunity to use our passion as a platform for better treatment of the environment. Each time we buy wine, we make a choice: ignore the negative impacts of commercial-scale wine production (e.g. water waste in drought-prone zones), or participate in progress toward sustainability by making informed choices.

From USDA Organic to Salmon Safe to Integrity and Sustainability Certified, there are so many certifications for eco-friendly wine that consumers often become confused or disregard certifications altogether. Popular blog Wine Folly explains several different certifications to help us make more informed decisions when it comes to buying wine. Learn more about how to better direct your purchases towards supporting a sustainable wine industry in Wine Folly’s new guide, Better Than Organic: Sustainability and Wine.

Barone Pizzini, the first certified organic Franciacorta wine, shows dedication to sustainable wine production by avoiding chemical processing, genetic manipulation, GMOs, fertilizers, and synthesised chemical pesticides.

Pievalta’s environmentally-conscious attitude is reflected in its biodynamic practices: limiting pruning, using cover crops and half of the maximum amount of sulfur and copper allowed in organic farming, and avoiding fertilizers and irrigation.


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