Explore Barone Pizzini on a Winery Tour

Discover the first organic wines of Franciacorta on a tour of Barone Pizzini. First you will visit the vines, where it all begins. On this tour you will experience the essence of Barone Pizzini and observe how the laws of organic viticulture are brought to life. Returning to the winery, which is constructed according to green building principles, you will proceed into two main areas, the first dedicated to vinification and the second – which holds the barrels and bottles of wine aging on the lees – dedicated to aging. Your guide will explain the production method and history of Barone Pizzini, the first winery ever to produce certified organic Franciacorta.


Your experience will be distinctive, based on the tasting option you select:

Animante Tour

Our Franciacorta Animante wine is the spirit of Barone Pizzini; this tour allows you to taste how the riches of our soils in Franciacorta are expressed, from our young, still wine, Polzina Curtefranca bianco to our flagship brut sparkling, Franciacorta Animante. 

€ 16.00 per person

Edizione Tour

“Le Edizioni” wines demonstrate the essence of a unique and inimitable vintage. Following your tour you will taste three Franciacorta wines: AnimanteSatèn Edizione 2012 and the Rosè Edizione 2012 in order to develop an understanding of a particular vintage.

€ 25.00 per person

Tastings are accompanied by organic Grana Padano cheese and local cured meats from a purveyor who raises his own herd with all-local inputs and who uses solar power for energy, and bakery products made from organic flour from a small local bakery.

For more information and to book a tour, please visit http://www.baronepizzini.it/en/winery-tour. If you are a tour operator or travel agent or you would like to book a special event, please contact visite@baronepizzini.it.

During your travels to Franciacorta, we suggest visiting the nearby Lake Iseo, the fourth largest lake in Lombardy, Italy.  Considered by many as an “undiscovered gem,” Lake Iseo offers great food, fantastic wine and beautifully serene surroundings.

Lake Iseo, photo credit: proficamp.com



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