Painting the Farm Green

BPP Green Manure Field 1

Manure by definition is animal dung used for fertilizing land, but green “manure” is much different – no animals required.

Using green manure or “cover crops” is a popular practice among organic farmers. The farming practice refers to growing specific varieties of plants intentionally so they break down and properly invigorate the soil with nutrients, nurturing the crop and improving its overall quality.

This nutrient breakdown increases the amount of nitrogen that the plants receive and prevents soil erosion and weed growth, leading up to a healthy harvest.

Varieties of these plants grown as part of the green manure practice are most typically grass mixtures and legume plants, more specifically peas, clover, alfalfa, and annual ryegrass.

These varieties are planted at certain times of the year depending on when they are expected to yield the best results. For example, winter wheat, a tough plant that holds strong in cold temperatures, is most effective when planted in the winter.

Barone Pizzini strives to use as much organic material as possible; incorporating green manure into our viticulture is a sustainable and practical way to ensure that Barone Pizzini’s crop is as green and natural as possible.

Who knew manure could be so beautiful?


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