The Story of the First Organic Franciacorta

Join us on a journey into the history of Franciacorta and the steps that led to the creation of the first organic Franciacorta wine.

1277 – Curtes Francae medieval villages (now known as Franciacorta) are named and recognized.


1570 – Girolamo Conforti publishes Libellus de Vino Mordaci (The Book of Sparking Wine) in which he describes the sparkling wines produced in Franciacorta.

1750 – The Baroni Pizzini Von Thurberg noble family settles into Franciacorta. They are friends of the famous musician Mozart and regular guests of salons of the era.


1870 – The Pizzini Farming Company is founded. They make their mark with advanced farming practices and experimenting with new planting techniques.

1911 – Edoardo Pizzini Piomarta delle Porte takes over the company and advocates for education in farming.

1967 – Barone Pizzini becomes one of eleven estates to found the Franciacorta DOC.

1971 – The first bottle of Barone Pizzini’s Franciacorta is produced.


1998 – Barone Pizzini begins its conversion to organic viticulture.

2002 – Barone Pizzini produces the first organic Franciacorta.


2012 – Barone Pizzini begins winning international awards for its wines and becomes one of the first wineries to join the Ita.Ca Project for carbon footprint monitoring.

2014 – Barone Pizzini Animante is created in honor of Barone Pizzini being the first organic winery in Franciacorta. Animante is a blend of more than 70 different wines from 25 vineyards.


2015 – Barone Pizzini receives the first certificate of farming biodiversity.

Watch the video below for more history about Franciacorta and Barone Pizzini:


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