Organic and Biodynamic Wine Explained

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What is Organic?
Organic wines are made from grapes that are cultivated without recourse to synthetic fungicides, herbicides or fertilizers. There are over 1500 organic wine producers around the globe. Barone Pizzini is the first organic Franciacorta.

What Is Biodynamic?
Biodynamic wine is made in accordance with the principles of biodynamic agricultural methods. Developed in 1924 by Rudolf Steiner, biodynamic viticulture yields wines that are always organic.

A biodynamic wine is always organic, but an organic wine is not always biodynamic. Biodynamic viticulture has become a cornerstone of what makes Pievalta’s wines so astounding. Pievalta is a pioneer in the Marche of biodynamic agriculture.

The process of biodynamic viticulture includes several unique practices. The lunar cycle and astrological calendar are two mystical elements crucial to the delicate craft. Another practice commonly referenced is that of filling cow horns with manure, burying them in soil during the fall and unearthing them in the spring to create soil to be mixed with water and sprayed over the vineyard. Another preparation involves spraying ground quartz over the vines at daybreak. The goal of these preparations is to promote fertility of the soil.

Barone Pizzini and Pievalta are proud of applying organic principles to winemaking, resulting in the very best wines from the healthiest possible grapes, in synchronicity with nature.

To learn more about organic and biodynamic wine, take a look at this article on VinePair.


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