CàMì in Ravenna, winner of the Gambero Rosso Animante Restaurant Prize for “Flavor and Health”

vincenzo cammerucci

This year’s theme for the Gambero Rosso “Animante” restaurant prize was “flavor and health.”

The award was conceived by Barone Pizzini CEO Silvano Brescianini and his team to recognize restaurateurs who seek “to celebrate their region and its food products through natural and healthy cooking, with utmost respect for the land, for the environment, and for humankind.”

Three restaurateurs were chosen this year for the award, which was presented last month by the editors of the Gambero Rosso restaurant guide 2016.

One of these was Vinceno Cammerucci (above), executive chef at the farmhouse restaurant (agriturismo) CàMì in Ravenna province (image via the CàMì Facebook).

“Camì’s philosophy lies in the concepts of simplicity and well being,” write the owners Vincenzo and his significant other Milena on their website.

“Taking care of one’s health through prevention at the dinner table is easy to do: It’s simply a matter of carefully selecting your ingredients, your cooking methods, and your healthy pairings.”

Click here for CàMì’s website.

We’ll post on the other winners in coming weeks. Stay tuned!


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