Biodiversity has its drawbacks: Wild boar love to munch down some Pinot Noir

wild boar eating grapes vineyards

Barone Pizzini CEO Silvano Brescianini shared this image of half-eaten bunches of Pinot Noir.

“This is an example of biodiversity in our hillside vineyards, which lie on the edge of the woods,” he wrote in a note accompanying the photo.

“In warm vintages,” he explained, “the boar come down from the forest and eat the grapes!”

It’s one of the drawbacks of chemical-free farming.

Even though they began picking more than a week ago, said Silvano in his email, they are far from done picking.

“All the Pinot Noir has been harvested,” he told me last night over dinner, “but there is still a lot of Chardonnay to pick,” he said.

Overall, a hot July wasn’t ideal, he noted, but he’s very happy with the harvest.

He and I will be tasting together on Thursday and I’ll publish my notes from our meeting asap.

Stay tuned!


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