Barone Pizzini now certified by CSQA, the leading organization for food and farming certification

Barone Pizzini now certified by CSQA, the leading organization for food and farming certification, a new frontier for the Franciacorta organic pioneer.

A friend of Biodiversity in Franciacorta: Barone Pizzini is at the top of the list.

Provaglio d’Iseo — A new first in the history of respect for nature, the environment, and health for Barone Pizzini, an organic pioneer in Franciacorta since the 1990s and today a champion of biodiversity: The historic winery has become the first Franciacorta winery to obtain Biodiversity Friend certification, the leading standard for biodiversity certification in agriculture, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and created by the non-profit World Biodiversity Association.

“Respect for life in every form,” says Barone Pizzini CEO Silvano Brescianini, “is at the heart of every one of our choices: From the turning point that made us the first organic producer of Franciacorta to the will to guarantee transparency and reliability to the consumer through parameters that ensure a healthy environment. Our commitment in this field has been supported by the analyses carried out for Biodiversity Friend certification. With our decidedly high marks from the outset, we know that we are on the right path. But we never lose sight of the fact that organic farming and biodiversity are not ends unto themselves but rather means to achieve quality in our wines.”

The level of biodiversity in Barone Pizzini’s vineyards was measured using specific “evaluations” related to the quality of the soil, water, and air. These also included evaluations of “actions” like fertilization management and farming practices that help to restore the soil’s fertility; the use of renewable energy sources; and solid measures for conserving energy and reducing green house emissions.

Thanks to the results, Barone Pizzini was promoted with full honors by CSQA!

“We are very proud of this achievement,” says Brescianini. “It’s the start of our road toward always getting better. We are a living organism and an integral part of an ecosystem where we hope to preserve organic variability by maintaining balance and without squandering our resources. We really appreciate the work that CSQA does, especially its approach to monitoring the quality of the environment in its totality, an approach that isn’t limited solely to the wine world.”

From the CSQA website:

CSQA is a certification and inspection company formed in Italy in 1990 from a long established and prestigious institute of biotechnology.

The certification of the Italian farm food sector begun with CSQA, which was the first institution to be accredited by the National accreditation body (Accredia) and authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture for the monitoring of products with Registered Designation of Origin (PDO, PGI, TSG).

Innovation has always been a cornerstone of CSQA’s mission and as such, has remained in its DNA, making it a pioneer in facing issues that are later established at international level .

Whilst CSQA was set up to provide ISO certification to food companies, including quality and management systems, based on prevention and continuous improvement, it not only focuses on food safety and sustainability, but also onbusiness continuity and information security.

As sustainability has become more of an emerging issue, CSQA became the first certification body in the world to certify a farm to ISO 50001 for energy management.

biodiversity friend


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