Tasting with Porthos editor Sandro Sangiorgi @TerroirMarche

porthos wine magazine sangiorgi

One of the most dynamic seminars and tastings of the Terroir Marche festival last weekend in Ascoli Piceno was led by Sandro Sangiorgi (above), widely considered the “best technical taster” in Italy today and one of Italy’s literary stars.

As the editor of the intellectually geared wine review Porthos and the author of countless books on Italian wine and its leading personages, Sangiorgi is as widely acclaimed as a writer as he is as taster and Italian wine authority.

Whenever he leads a tasting, he gets the participants to think outside of the box and to move outside their comfort zone.

In Sunday’s tasting of 8 expressions of Montepulciano from the Marches, he had the attendees taste in silence for 30 minutes while they listened to melancholic piano and strings.

A lively debate about the wines and their quality followed.

And he finished the event with a reading of art historian Henri Focillon’s famous poem, “In Praise of Hands” (click here for an English-language translation of the work [excerpted]).


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