Olive Ascolane! One of the things we are looking forward to @TerroirMarche

recipe olive ascolane olives

Above: Siamo Fritti is a wine bar and food shop located in the heart of Ascoli Piceno.

Where there is wine, there should always be food. After all, humankind cannot live by wine alone.

As we gear up for the first ever Terroir Marche festival (May 16-17 in Ascoli Piceno), one of the things we are most looking forward to is the classic foods of Ascoli Piceno and the Marches (Le Marche).

And at the top of our list of things to try is olive ascolane, meat-stuffed fried olives.

The Terroir Marche site includes a list of recommended venues for eating and wine tasting while in Ascoli Piceno.

One of the organizers’ recommendations is Siamo Fritti (We Are Fried), a wine bar and food shop that specializes, among other things, in olive ascolane.

Don’t you just love the name?

The olives of Ascoli Piceno are renowned for their tenderness. And it’s believed that this is the reason why they are so well suited for the classic olive ascolane recipe (although some beyond the Marches might dispute this since the dish has become pan-Italian and enjoys a following throughout Italy).

Basically, the olives are brined and then pitted. Then they are stuffed with finely ground meat that has been cooked with herbs and deglazed with white wine. Then they are breaded and fried.

Over the course of the two days of the festival, we will be eating as many olive ascolane as humanly possible. So please stay tuned for our report!

Image via the Siamo Fritti website.


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