NY Times selects Milan as number one travel destination

duomo milan milano photo

Above: The Duomo of Milan, a stunning gothic cathedral and one the city’s most recognizable icons.

It’s sad but it’s true. Milan is often overlooked by foreigners who visit Italy.

They are put off by its “big city” character and urban feel.

But that might all change now that the New York Times has named it its number one city to visit in 2015 (out of 52 cities).

For those of us who have worked and lived there, Milan has always been one of Italy’s greatest culinary destinations, where you can find top Neapoltian and Pugliese restaurants along side with Milanese classics.

It’s a city where Michelin-starred and experimental dining offers myriad options.

And it’s a city where wine bars abound.

It’s a city of design, a city of fashion, and on any given day on the subway, you will literally see scores of top models (no joke!).

Just an hour or so drive to the west from Franciacorta, it’s also a city deeply connected to our appellation and our wines.

In fact, many Milanese spend their weekends in Franciacorta where they go wine tasting and dine out and many even own second homes there.

We were thrilled to see the editors of the Times take note of this extraordinary city.

Be sure to check out their wonderfully produced “What to Do in Milan” video.


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