Happy 2015! And stay tuned for another year in blogging!

Happy new year to all our friends in the wine professional community from the families here at Barone Pizzini.

2014 was an incredible year for the wineries: from our Tre Bicchieri award and Gambero Rosso prizes and our write-ups in the Slow Wine and Espresso guides, it’s been great to see that our steadfast belief in organic farming and high-quality winemaking has made a mark in the world of fine wine.

Starting next week, we’ll begin another year of wine blogging, in which we’ll share information and insights into our wines, vinification and tasting notes, and profiles of our favorite restaurants where you can find our wines.

But most importantly, we hope to convey our passion for the Franciacorta appellation and all the people who work so hard to produce its extraordinary wines.

Thank you for being here in 2014 and for following along.

Please stay tuned: we’re looking forward to another fun year of wine blogging!

happy fourth of july


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