Making the “biodynamic preps” at Pievalta

bio preps 502 507

Above: ground flowers, herbs, and bark used to make biodynamic preps 502-507.

As biodynamic farming practices have become more and more prevalent in recent years, most wine trade observers are aware of the famous “biodynamic prep 500”: the “cornerstone of biodynamic farming… made in the fall by inserting cow manure into cow horns, burying those horns for 6 months, then digging them up and removing the contents.”

But there are actually eight biodynamic preps that are crafted and applied throughout the course of the year.

A few weeks ago, Pievalta general manager Silvia Loschi posted this collection of photos documenting the preparation of biodynamic preps 502-507 (it’s a Facebook album that can be viewed by anyone).

You can read the official “recipes” in English on the Demeter USA website here.

But I also found this wonderful shorthand version on the website of organic herb retailer Oregon’s Wild Harvest (very concise and well written).

I also really liked the descriptions I found on the Biodynamic Association of India website.


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