Barone Pizzini awarded prize for sustainable development

sustainable development prize ecomondo

Last week, Barone Pizzini was awarded the “Sustainable Develoment Prize” by the Fondazione per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile (Foundation for Sustainable Development) and Ecomondo, an international conference held in Rimini and devoted to “European and international strategies for ecological innovation and the transformation of waste into a resource.”

The office of the President of the Italian Republic is one of the underwriters of the prize.

With this prize, write the conference organizers in a press release, they want to bring attention to the winery’s “decision to adopt certified organic viticulture… using only natural substances and substances that can be created by humans by simple processes without resorting to chemicals, herbicides, genetically modified organisms, fertilizers, or pesticides.”

“Organic farming is the means,” said Barone Pizzini general manager Silvano Brescianini (below) in accepting the prize in Rimini. “The end is quality… The primary objective of our winery is that of producing quality wines that are closely aligned with our appellation. This is why we decided to embrace organic farming. It’s been instrumental in reaching our goal and it dovetails with our interest in terroir expression and the environment… We are proud to accept this award and thankful that our efforts in organic farming have been recognized. Organic farming means respect and consideration for humankind and good health. Today, this prize has been awarded to the solidarity between humans and nature.”

organic farming italy wine


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