High praise for Barone Pizzini from leading Italian wine guide Slow Wine

silvano brescianini

Above: Silvano Brescianini, general manager at Barone Pizzni and the man who first envisioned organic viticulture in Franciacorta. Barone Pizzini was the first winery in the appellation to obtain organic certification.

The 2015 Slow Wine Guide to the Wines of Italy was officially presented weekend before last at the Slow Food Salone del Gusto food fair in Turin.

Here’s what the editors of the guide had to say about Barone Pizzini and general manager Silvano Brescianini (translation by our blogmaster).

Barone Pizzini represents a coming together of research, innovation, and a belief in the appellation, not to mention a winning model that champions alternative, clean, sustainable, and pragmatic agriculture.

STORY – Silvano Brescianini is the volcanic, beating heart of Barone Pizzini. And he’s the man behind the visionary, strategic decisions that brought the winery to where it is today.

VINEYARDS – Brescianini and his team are steadfast believers in responsible agriculture. And they’ve never slowed their pace in their ongoing quest to improve their farming methods. They embrace every element of their work in the vineyards with that same conviction. Their meticulous analysis of the grapes results in a micro-parcel production focused on expression each site’s terroir and giving each wine its own identity.

best italian wine guide 2015


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