Mozart at Barone Pizzini

mozart in italy

Above: A portrait of Mozart hangs to this day in the aging cellar of Barone Pizzini, where the composer stayed on multiple occasions.

We know from the letters of Leopold Mozart, the composer’s father, that he and his son stayed at the Barone Pizzini estate on multiple occasions while traveling through northern Italy.

During that period of Mozart’s life, he was performing regularly and seeking patronage (from families like the Pizzini) as his fame continued to grow.

At the time, Mozart was a child prodigy and his stays at Barone Pizzini pre-date his appointment to the court at Salzburg where his career would flourish.

Giovanni Giulio Pizzini (1719-1779) was a member of the then newly founded Accademia degli Agiati (which is still active in Rovereto). It was one of the many academies for the promotion and study of the fine arts that appeared in Italy during the Enlightenment era.

Giovanni Giulio is cited in a number of Leopold’s letters.

Here’s the link to a thread of mentions of the Pizzini family and the Mozarts’ stays there, including mentions of the concerts organized by the Pizzini family and other patrons of the era.


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