Bioculture: 8 artists trek through Verdicchio country

artists wine italy

Above: A group of eight artists recently descended upon the Pievalta estate, constructing art installations, performing music, and blogging about their experience. That’s Pievalta manager Silvia Loschi, third from right, and grape grower and winemaker Alessandro Fenino, center.

“Bioculture,” write the authors of the its website, “is a pilot project that promotes our territory of Le Marche in the UK. The project spotlights Terroir Marche, a consortium of organic winegrowers, and the Marche region through a new experiential touristic journey which will be undertaken for the very first time by a group of eight young artists of excellence.”

The group recently found their way to the Pievalta estate, where it created works of art through visual components, music, and blogging.

It’s been exciting to follow the “happening” through the group’s blog and social media (the blog is in English btw).

And estate manager Silvia Loschi has been documenting the events and gatherings on the winery’s Facebook (here, here, and here).

It’s only natural that art and viticulture should intertwine. And one of the most exciting things about this particular coming together is that it avoided all the clichés of “fine art” and “fine wine.”

Instead, it embraced the spirit of grape growers Alessandro Fenino and Silvia’s quest to achieve the greatest expression of Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi through chemical-free farming and their conviction that biodynamics is the key to giving live back to the earth and its fruits.

The artists’ journey continues through next week. You can follow their itinerary here. Very groovy stuff!


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