@ItalianWineGuy reflects on “Franciacorta’s ‘little’ problem” #GoodRead

best photo franciacorta

“Franciacorta’s ‘little’ problem”

By Alfonso Cevola aka @ItalianWineGuy

“I just don’t get Franciacorta,” the tall lady muttered to her friend at a recent reception. Her friend was pouring all manner of cool wines from Germany, Austria and France. Grower Champagnes chilled in iced trays, alongside Franciacorta. I wondered why she said that, but I was in full-introvert mode, and was in no shape to investigate her motives.

Perhaps the lure of “Farmer Fizz” was too great. Maybe Franciacorta isn’t yet cool enough. I once heard a complaint that Franciacorta wines don’t have any unique sense of terroir. Clearly that person never made a 5K run around the vineyards, never sailed on Lake Iseo.

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