Summer at Lake Iseo, one of Italy’s best-kept secrets

lake iseo summer

Many Italian-bound travelers will head to the famous beaches of Amalfi, Maremma, and Venice this year.

Others will find their way to popular fresh-water destinations like Lake Como or Lake Garda.

But here in Franciacorta, we’ll enjoy summer at Lake Iseo, one of Italy’s best-kept secrets.

If you’re heading to Italy for a summer vacation and you want to find an off-the-beaten-track and less hectic beach spot, have a look at this wonderful English-language online tourism portal devoted to life on Lake Iseo. It’s brimming with lodging and dining info, as well as resources for water sports, events, etc.

See also this Telegraph (UK) article, “Lake Iseo: Italy’s secret treasure,” published a few years ago.

“Iseo is not the most famous of the Italian lakes,” writes the author, “but it could be the most charming.”

Image via Mauro Sartori’s Flickr (Creative Commons).


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