Barone Pizzini fruit healthy, harvest in about two months

franciacorta grapes

We’re happy to report that the 2014 harvest at Barone Pizzini is looking good.

Northern Italy has seen a lot of rainfall in recent weeks and even some hailstorms.

But the Barone Pizzini vineyards have been spared any damage.

The good news is that lower-than-average summer temperatures have helped to slow the vegetative cycle. After an extremely mild winter, it appeared that harvest would come much earlier than usual. But the cooler weather seems to have brought it in line with “classic” harvest times. As a result, the grapes will ripen more slowly and develop richer flavors.

They expect to begin picking in about two months, depending on the weather, says Barone Pizzini manager Marta Piovani, who snapped these photos at the winery last week.

franciacorta harvest 2014


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