Weather update from Jesi

In the wake of reports of bad weather and cool temperatures across Italy in recent weeks, we asked Pievalta manager Silvia Loschi to send us an update on conditions in Jesi. Here’s what she had to say (early next week, we’ll post an update from Francaicorta as well).


Over the last three weeks, there have been a number of storms and the weather has been very unstable in Jesi.

The storms didn’t deliver much rainfall but on three different occasions, hail struck isolated areas in the Castelli di Jesi appellation.

Our vineyards in Maiolati Spontini were struck by hail on June 25. It was a short but intense storm and the hailstones were the size of cherries.

In certain portions of the vineyards, we estimate that 20 percent of the vines were damaged. The parcels that were struck the worst were in Pieve, Orfeo, Fosso del Lupo (north), and parts of the Veranda and Fosso del Lupo (central) vineyards.

The berries that were damaged are now drying and their wounds are healing.

This year, the vegetative cycle started roughly two weeks early. But the rainy spring and the relatively cool summer have slowed the growing cycle and brought it in line with classic ripening times.

—Silva Loschi


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