Franciacorta to make wines from indigenous variety reports Harpers

lago di iseo

Above: The Lago d’Iseo (Lake Iseo), one of the natural landmarks of Franciacorta and a vital element in the appellation’s unique topography.

It’s official: Franciacorta growers and winemakers have planted an as-of-yet unnamed grape variety and they plan on using it to produce a classic method wine.

“Producers of Franciacorta,” wrote journalist Richard Siddle yesterday on the site, “the premium Italian sparkling wine, may soon have to make it with an old indigenous grape variety if changes to the production process are approved.

“Currently Franciacorta is produced by natural refermenation in the bottle using only Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc grape varieties.”

“However, the Consorzio Franciacorta, which governs the wine’s growing area and production method, has confirmed to it is looking to introduce an old local grape variety to the process.”

Click here to read the complete report and interview with Franciacorta consortium president Maurizio Zanella.


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