Dana Frank, wine director extraordinaire

dana frank wine

Barone Pizzini and Pievalta General Manager Silvano Brescianini (above, left) has been on the road in the northwestern U.S. and he wrote in this morning to tell us how impressed he was with the cuisine and wine program at Ava Gene’s in Portland.

“I LOVE this place,” he wrote.

That’s wine director Dana Frank (center) in the photo and Joshua Segal (right) of Prufrock Wines, who distributes Barone Pizzini and Pievalta in Oregon.

We’ve written about Ava Gene’s before (see our latest post here).

And be sure not to miss this fantastic profile of Dana on Punch, one of our favorite wine and spirits blogs.

One of the coolest things about working in the wine business is all the interesting people you get to meet and the varied paths that have brought them to be leaders in their field. The one thing that ties all of us together is our passion for the great wines of the world. And when it comes to passion, Dana has a lot to share…

Ava Gene’s
3377 SE Division St
Portland, Oregon 97202
(971) 229-0571
Google map

Be sure also to check out the food photos on Ava Gene’s Facebook.


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