Terroir Marche, an update (and class photo)

terroir marche

From left, clockwise: Paola Massi (Fiorano), Alessandro Bonci (La Marca di San Michele), Giuseppe Infriccioli (Pantaleone), Dwight Stanford (Paolini e Stanford Winery), Corrado Dottori (La Distesa), Alessandro Fenino (Pievalta), Federico Pignati (Aurora), Paolo Beretta (Fiorano), Fabio Marchionni (Collestefano), Silvia Marchionni, (Collestefano), Silvia Loschi (Pievalta), Valeria Bochi (La Distesa).

We first wrote about Terroir Marche — a newly formed group of organic growers and winemakers in the Marches — back in July 2013.

The group continues to expand: we caught up with them a few weeks ago in Matelica where they were convening and they let us take this “class photo.”

Here’s the link to the group’s site.

In its own words, the group’s mission is to “promote awareness of organic farming in the Marches [Le Marche], to defend the territory and its resources, and to share the culture and practices of a sustainable and humane economy.”

The group now includes 8 winery members, covering 93 hectares planted to vine and 388k bottles of organically farmed wine.


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