Barone Pizzini’s “soul”: Animante, a new Franciacorta debuts at Vinitaly 2014

We are very proud to present Animante, Barone Pizzini’s “soul” and its new wine, which debuted at Vinitaly 2014.

best new franciacorta

This wine is the crowning achievement of a long process of pioneering renewal in Barone Pizzini’s vineyards and winery, a project that led the estate to become the first organic grower and winemaker in Franciacorta.

It represents Barone Pizzini’s “soul” — anima, in Italian — and it embodies the winery’s guiding principle of respect for the land, the environment, and the wine lover.

Animante is made from grapes grown in twenty-five vineyards that can be divided into three big “families,” each with its own unique soil types and geological origins. All three deliver a different nuance in the genetic makeup of the wine.

Complexity is imparted by the vineyards lying at the highest elevations as well as those that sit atop the Alpine foothills. Balance comes from extended aging of the blending wines made from grapes grown in the heart of Franciacorta. The fine soils of low-lying vineyards give the wine its elegance.

Every vine produces unique fruit, the expression of its own microcosm. In the cellar, every parcel receives careful attention guided by its unique personality. Pressing, lees aging, and clarification are never identical.

Instead, they are varied in accordance with the nature of the grapes and the character of their aromas and flavors.

Every parcel is vinified separately and assessed one by one with each harvest.

After the personality of each parcel has been established, the wines are carefully blended to give life to the cuvée — a composition of balanced colors, a flow of thought-provoking notes, the product of a priceless artisanal tradition.


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