@RN74Seattle + #Verdicchio + #PacificOysters = #betterthansex

rn 74 seattle

What a thrill to learn that Pievalta Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi is currently featured on the wine list “Sommelier Select” at RN74 Seattle (above), the northwest outpost of celebrity chef Michael Mina and celebrity sommelier Rajat Parr.

Considering that Seattle is one of the best places in the country world to eat raw oysters and that Verdicchio, with it salty and sometimes unctuous undertones, is arguably one of the wine world’s best pairings for raw oysters, you can only imagine what we’ll be ordering the next time we visit this fantastic restaurant.

Seattle is one of the leading “food” cities in the U.S. right now and the RN74 location there, located in the heart of downtown, is one of its hottest destinations.

Waiter, waiter! I’ll have what she’s having… 😉

pacific northwest oysters

Images via the RN74 Seattle Facebook.


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