Barone Pizzini reviewed in Stevenson’s new Champagne & Sparkling Encyclopedia

tom stevenson chamapgne bookEver since it was first release in 1998 (the same year that the Barone Pizzini estate began its conversion to organic farming), British wine writer Tom Stevenson’s World Encyclopedia of Champagne & Sparkling Wine has been considered the top guide to the sparkling wines of the world.

It was revised in 2003 and is now being released in its third incarnation.

We are proud to share the news that Barone Pizzini has been included for the first time and makes quite a splash with one of the top scores for Franciacorta and Italian wines.

Here’s what the editors of the encyclopedia have to say about Barone Pizzini, “one of the most dynamic companies in Franciacorta today.”

Barone Pizzini
(84 points VALUE)

No doubt about it. Barone Pizzini is one of the most dynamic companies in Franciacorta today.

With a history dating back to 1870, a noble Habsburg family headed by Baron Giulio Pizzini Piomarta Von Thurberg founded the Amministrazione Agricola Barone Pizzini.

In 1990, the last of the barons left the winery and sold it to a group of entrepreneurs, including Pierjacomo Ghitti and Giovanni Pagnoni.

The atmosphere at the brand new modern winery is far from aristocratic and the head figure, Piermatteo Ghitti, Pierjacomo’s son, does not come across as a nobleman either.

An efficient, driven, and far-sightedj businessman, he has directed Barone Pizzini on to the organic path.

They started conversion in 1998 and the whole estate, now 47 hectares, was certified in 2001.

The Satèn 2002 was the first-ever organic Franciacorta. The labels state “Zero residues.”

House Style & Range

Vivacious wines with bright fruit, lovely purity and enough freshness.

Non-malo is not a recipe, but most wines do not go through malolactic fermentation.

If non-dosé is your thing, Pizzini’s zesty Nature is an excellent choice, leaving the mouth delightfully fresh and clean.

The Satèn is as a Satèn should be: linear, smooth, lemony, and crisp.

The Rosé is voluptuous and fruit-packed, but without being heavy.

The ambition is high for the RIserva Bagnadore, but the concentration, oakiness, and honey and vailla sweetness put it in a different world from the vivacity and joie de vivre of the rest of the range. Depends on your taste if you are going to like it, but the fruit and the wood are clearly of high quality.


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