Sunday Nov. 24 Monastery & Winery Tour with Guided Tasting

The tours begin at the monastery at 10 a.m. on Sunday morning.
€18 per person.
Reservations are required.

Please email Mariarosa Mangiavini to reserve by clicking here.
Or call 030 9848372.

Provaglio d'Iseo  (Bs) - Monastero di San Pietro in Lamosa 06

Above: The 11th-century Monastero di San Pietro in Lamosa played a fundamental role in the agricultural revitalization of Franciacorta during the middle ages. Last year, it hosted a conference on organic farming practices.

Every last Sunday of the month, the Barone Pizzini winery hosts a special event that includes a guided tasting of three vintage bottlings of Barone Pizzini Franciacorta, a guided tour of the winery and its cellar, and a guided tour of San Pietro in Lamosa, the famous 11th-century monastery in the village of Provaglio d’Iseo where Barone Pizzini is located.

The monastery was founded in 1083, although its construction began many years prior.

From 1083 until 1535, the monastery — previously a private church owned by the feudal De Ticengo family — were overseen by monks from the Abbey of Cluny. During this period, the monastery played an important role in the religious and cultural life of the region as well in the social welfare of its residents.

Because they helped to improve land management there and taught farming practices to locals, the Cluniac monks who lived there were not required to pay taxes to the local diocese or to landowners. Many believe that the origin of the name Franciacorta — curte francae, or “duty-free zone” — is owed to their presence there.

The name San Pietro in Lamosa (St. Peter in Marshland) comes from the fact that the monks helped to reclaim marshland (lame means marsh in local parlance) as farmland. At one point, the monks farmed roughly 80 hectares.

Together with the “free” peasants, the monks ploughed the land and sold the fruits of their labor. However modest it may seem, the monks’ work had an extraordinary effect on the region because it played an important role in the area’s economic revival in the centuries following the turn of the millennium. Not only did they help to revitalize the land there, but they also helped to create an agricultural tradition still used today in Franciacorta.

During the middle ages, the monastery was not only one of the pilgrims’ destinations but also a resting stop for merchants and travelers who followed the “strata de Franzacurta” route from Brescia to Iseo.

In 1535, the monastery became the property of the sisters of San Salvatore in Brescia and then later the Bergomi family. In 1983, the monastery was donated to the parish of Provaglio d’Iseo. More recently, the property has been entrusted to the Cultural Foundation for San Pietro in Lamosa for remodeling and for the organization of cultural activities, including visits to the monastery’s organic products market (Barone Pizzini’s Sunday, November 24 visit will include the market).


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