Remembering the 1994 harvest with BP GM Silvano Brescianini @silvanobrescian

1994 harvest italy

On Friday, Barone Pizzini manager (and Franciacorta vicepresident) Silvano Brescianini (far right) sent us this photo, taken during the 1994 harvest in Franciacorta. It was accompanied by the following note.

Jeremy, I’m attached a photo from my first harvest, twenty years ago (and many pounds lighter).

It shows you how much has changed in Franciacorta and how much Italian wine has changed over the last twenty years.

We could write volumes on the subject but I’m a fan of brevity. The bottom line is that it has changed for the better.

And I don’t say this because I’m biased.

Today our wines are wholesome and increasingly “cleaner.”

Many wineries are following the organic farming route that we opened up here at Barone Pizzini when no one believed it it.

Italian wine continues to grow throughout the world and we deserve it!

Ciao and have a great weekend.


Barone Pizzini was Franciacorta’s first organically farmed estate and it is widely considered a pioneer of organic and biodynamic farming practices in Italy.


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