Barone Pizzini Brut by-the-glass at Marea in NYC (@MareaNYC)

marea new york cuttlefish

Above: The seppia (cuttlefish) crudo with bottarga at Marea. An ideal pairing for the Barone Pizzini Franciacorta Brut.

In the world of fine dining, there are good restaurants and there are great restaurants.

And then there are restaurants that capture the imagination of a generation of wine and food lovers. Their chefs don’t follow the gastronomic Zeitgeist. They lead it.

Chef Michael White’s Marea in New York is one of those all-time greats, a restaurant that thrills its guests as much as it informs their culinary universe and guides their palates to new and higher sensorial ground.

We’re proud to share the news that Barone Pizzini NV Franciacorta Brut is currently served by the glass at Marea.


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