Yearly laboratory analysis, verifying the absence of chemicals in our wine

laboratorio neotron

Click here to read the yearly chemical analysis report for the Pievalta winery.

Every year, we conduct an analysis of our wines to verify the absence of pesticides, fungicides and insecticides in our Verdicchio.

We are organic and this means that we use only substances found in nature or obtained from nature through simple processes to protect and feed plants in the countryside. No chemical processing, no fertilizers or synthesized chemical pesticides.

These analyses are done to exclude any contamination by neighbors that may use chemicals and to verify that the precautions taken to avoid this risk are working.

The analyses are performed by Neotron, a laboratory located in Modena.

Neotron is a global player in the market of analytical and consultancy services for food production and distribution companies.

Neotron has been operating in the field of chemical, biochemical, microbiological and sensory analysis in the food sector for 30 years.

More than 200 chemicals are analyzed in this process.

Click here to view the most recent report.

—Silva Loschi

Note that “LQ” stands for “limite di quantificazione” or “limit of quantification”: “The smallest detectable concentration an analytical instrument can determine at a given confidence level.”


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