Franco Ziliani @VinoAlVino reviews 08 Franciacorta Rosé for

franco ziliani franciacorta

The following translation is from top Italian wine writer Franco Ziliani’s review of the Barone Pizzini 2008 Franciacorta Rosé for, one of Italy’s leading online food and wine resources:

[Barone Pizzini’s Franciacorta Rosé 2008] was declared ‘the best organic wine in the world’ at the International Wine Challenge [in London] 2012

Made from 80% Pinot Nero and 20% Chardonnay sourced from vineyards named Ciosèt, Troso, Prada, and Santella Nord, the wine is aged on its leeds for 34 months. It doesn’t touch wood, unlike other high-profile Franciacorta rosés that receive the “kiss of death” imparted by barrique aging, which cancels out any pleasure in drinking the wine. Despite the pronounced structure in this wine, it’s also endowed with notable freshness and drinkability.

Gorgeous color, an ancient rose, like a light cerasuolo, with brilliant sparkle and delicate and persistent fizziness, as the bubbles chase after one another in a wide glass.

Unmistakably Franciacorta in character, this wine is a thoroughbred. On the nose, it delivers the juicy, meaty fruit that you typically find in this appellation, raspberry and currants but with layers of citrus (pink grapefruit and mandarin orange), hints of rose that complement aromas that are generous but judiciously smooth, yet fresh and vibrantly salty.

In the mouth, it’s satisfying and indulgent, with good plumpness and substance. The bubbles are creamy and rich, making for wine that is more generous and substantial than vertical. Great balance in play here, with calibrated mouthfeel and flavor. And even though the persistence of the bubbles is marked, the nervy acidity and pronounced flavorfulness shine through.

A fine rosé, to be enjoyed generously at the dinner table.


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