Marea in NYC: Currently serving Barone Pizzini & Pievalta by-the-glass

marea restaurant new york

Above: Cuttlefish Tagliatelle, Soffrito Crudo, Bottarga di Muggine, one of Marea’s signature dishes and a favorite among New York gourmets (image via the Marea Facebook).

Marea in New York continues to stand apart as one of the best fine-dining seafood destinations in the U.S. today.

The New York Times recently called it “a New York haunt of the powerful and the polished.”

We’re thrilled to share the news that both Barone Pizzini and Pievalta are currently being poured there by-the-glass.

240 Central Park South
New York, NY 10019
(212) 582-5100
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The Night of Many Accordions: July 8 Party at Barone Pizzini

alessandro carminati fisarmonica

Barone Pizzini, Osteria della Villetta,
the Fondazione Culturale San Pietro in Lamosa (Provaglio d’Iseo Monastery),
the Carminati family and their collection of accordions,
and their friends cordially invite you to their:



6:30 p.m.: guided visit tof the Monastery di San Pietro in Lamosa.
8:00 p.m.: bugget dinner at the Barone Pizzini winery,
Via San Carlo 14, Provaglio d’Iseo.

There will be many accordions, Barone Pizzini wines, and a buffet prepared by:

Osteria al Bianchi, Brescia
Osteria della Villetta, Palazzolo sull’Oglio
Risotrante i Nazareni, Brescia
Trattoria Gasparo, Brescia

Cheeses by the Val Persane Farm.
Breads by the Bellini bakery, Adro.

Music by the Centro Formazione Musical Riccardo Mosca.
Wine servy by the Brescia chapter of the Italian Sommelier Association.

Euro 30 per person.

Barone Pizzini rosé at CIAK in the Kitchen, Umberto Bombana’s casual Italian

recipe spaghetti vongole

There’s only one Italian restaurant outside of Italy that has been awarded three Michelin stars by the prestigious guide.

And that restaurant, Otto e Mezzo Bombana in Hong Kong, was conceived by Italian chef Umberto Bombana.

Umberto now has a casual Italian eatery in Hong Kong called CIAK in the Kitchen.

The onomatopoeic ciak (pronounced chahk) is the sound of a clapboard used when a film director yells out “action!” or “cut!”

It’s another one of Bombana’s allusions to cinema (Otto e Mezzo is named after the classic 1963 Fellini movie).

We are thrilled to share the news that, starting this week, Umberto’s team at Ciak will be pouring Barone Pizzini rosé by the glass.

Check Ciak it out!

CIAK – In The Kitchen
置地廣場中庭 3樓 327-333號舖
15 Queen’s Road Central
Hong Kong
+852 2522 8869
Google map

Image via Ciak – In The Kitchen’s Facebook.

Barone Pizzini, organic pioneer, featured (again) in Corriere della Sera

Here’s the most recent coverage of Barone Pizzini by the Corriere della Sera, one of Italy’s leading daily newspapers (translation by the Barone Pizzini blog).

earth worms organic farming

“The Future of Organic Farming as Told by Earth Worms.”

By Massimiliano Del Barba.

June 18, 2015.

Surprise! Good wine comes from healthy soil. It may seem obvious but in fact, it’s not.

Good wine comes from healthy soil when the soil isn’t stressed by the use of synthetic substances and when it’s rich in biodiversity.

Demand Sets the Pace

Everyone knows that the market moves everything. Recently, commercial interest in organic products is helping to make consumers more aware of quality at the dinner table. But it’s also true that behind the curtains of slogans like live healthy, live happy, there are endless fields where question marks grow. Here’s the bottom line: What happens when in the subsoil when the earth is farmed using organic practices?

Organic Pioneers in the Vineyard

Franciacorta winery Barone Pizzini decided that it would try to answer that question. This producer of classic method wines began its conversion from conventional farming to organic practices many years ago. Indeed, it’s one of the pioneers in the field and the first winery in Franciacorta to produce an organically certified wine.

The Study

“Together with the Department of Farming Sciences at the University of Milan, the Mach Foundation, and the Sata farm sciences studio,” says Barone Pizzini CEO Silvano Brescianini, “we have created an objective and, more importantly, open comparison with other producers here. It’s based on an investigative model that gauges the impact of organic farming on the soil in terms of sustainability and vitality of the soil. And the result was good news: The plants reflect the balance of the soil and this means that the better the quality of the soil, the better the quality of the product.”

The “Earth Worm” Factor

In the light of their findings, the transition to organic farming seems to be a no-brainer.

“We created a biodiversity index fro our company,” explains Pierluigi Donna, the lead vineyard manager for the study, “by analyzing the physical and structural state of the soil with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s ‘Visual Soil Assessment’ protocol. And we discovered that organically farmed soil has a much larger population of earth worms than soil treated with synthetic substances” (editor’s note: earth worms, like fireflies, are an indicator of soil health). “We’re talking about 1.5 million earth worms per hectare.”

The Future Challenge

What’s the next step?

“It’s cultural,” says Brescianini. “Organic farming is just part of a much broader line of reasoning that questions the consumption of resources — first and foremost, water — in farming today. But it’s also an important first step toward preserving biodiversity and passing it down, together with healthy and high-quality products, to future generations.”

June 20 & 27 vineyard visit: Edible Plants in an Organic Vineyard

Edible Plants from an Organic Vineyard
June 20 and 27
with Livio Pagliari
Barone Pizzini
Provaglio d’Iseo

One of the goals of organic farming is to encourage biodiversity. This means allowing plants and animals to grow in the vineyard and to work together to create a healthy balance for the vine.

Our vineyards host numerous spontaneously growing, edible plants. It’s a wonderful place to discover how organic farming is good for us, delicious, and a fantastic way to get to know our appellation better.


3:30 p.m. – Stroll through the vineyards guided by Livio Pagliari, a veteran hiking guide and an expert in spontaneously growing edible plants.

4:30 p.m. – Guided winery tour.

5:00 p.m. – Guided tasting of three Franciacorta wines with light bites.

Reservations required. Limited spots available. Euro 20 per person. The program for both days, June 20 and 27, is the same. In the case of inclement weather, the event will be held indoors and will include visual aids.

Please email to reserve or call +39 030 9848311.

spontaneous grasses organic farming grapes

@Franciacortando festival starts tomorrow!

franciacorta tasting tour wineries

The Franciacortando festival starts tomorrow: Three days of winery visits, tastings with winemakers and local chefs and food producers, and a family-friendly brunch and picnic on Sunday.

For more information on the Barone Pizzini winery visits on Saturday, please click here.

And for general information on the festival, registration information, and complete event details, please click here.